Brits have cosmetic surgery to please partner

Many British women decide to have cosmetic surgery as a way of pleasing their partner, research has found.

Experts at Aberdeen University told BBC Scotland that, while American women tend to have cosmetic surgery for themselves, British women often feel pressured into having surgery and admit that their decision was fuelled by a desire to please others.

Sociology lecturer Dr Debra Gimlin interviewed 40 British and 20 American women between the ages of 23 and 52.

She revealed that only British women had undergone cosmetic surgery to please a man.

"I found that British women who have cosmetic surgery have a greater tendency to blame others for their decision," she revealed.

The expert also noted that British women are more likely to conceal the fact that they have had surgery from their family and friends.

"Even among British women whose ability to pay for cosmetic surgery might have lessened its implications of selfishness, several admitted to feeling remorseful about having spent a large amount of money on themselves," she added.

The research follows new figures which suggest that breast enlargement surgery is increasing in popularity in the UK, with those opting for cosmetic surgery generally spending around £4,000 on their breasts.


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Brits have cosmetic surgery to please partner
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