British surgeons perform new eye surgery

Surgeons in London have performed a new eye surgery technique that could enable some blind people to see again.

The surgeons, at Moorfields Eye Hospital, implanted an artificial retinal device into the eyes of two patients, providing them with a basic level of sight.

The device consists of an ultra thin electronic receiver and electrode panel which receives wireless signals from a tiny camera and transmitter in a pair of glasses and then passes the signal along the optic nerve to the brain.

Patients were able to see spots of lights and light and dark shapes, and the surgeons hope that it may be possible to restore some useful vision to patients with a group of inherited eye diseases known as retinitis pigmentosa.

Consultant retinal surgeon Lyndon da Cruz was one of the surgeons in Moorfields' Vitreo Retinal department.

He commented: "It is very special to be part of a programme developing a totally new type of treatment for patients who would otherwise have no chance of visual improvement."


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British surgeons perform new eye surgery
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