Britain's eating habits 'leading to health problems'

Britain is becoming a fast food nation and it is causing serious health problems.

This is the opinion of Tam Fry, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, who believes that many people in the UK have forgotten how to correctly eat and prepare food.

He was commenting on figures from the European data agency Eurostat, which revealed that nearly a quarter of women in the UK were obese in 2009 – a percentage that was higher than many other European nations.

Mr Fry explained that the National Health Service fails to provide many pregnant women or those of a child rearing age with information on how to eat healthily.

"What we are lacking is the kind of one-to-one hand holding which may be necessary, because we don't have enough midwives [and] we don't have enough health visitors," he added.

He believes that until wide-ranging changes are introduced into the nation's eating habits obesity rates will continue to be high in the UK.


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Britain's eating habits 'leading to health problems'
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