Breastfeeding not so popular, survey reveals

Not all women are keen on breastfeeding and some even resent being advised to do so.

This is according to a survey from Kidstart, a family shopping organisation.

The research revealed that only 44 per cent of women believe that breastfeeding is the best option for feeding their child.

Dr Clare Heggie, a GP, noted that breastfeeding has been "proven to be the most beneficial [feeding option] time and time again".

Despite this, almost 20 per cent of women would choose to put their own well-being first, while only 16 per cent thought that the child's well-being should matter more.

Dr Heggie added: "Ultimately, the decision of whether to breast or bottle feed has to be made by the mum and there is no point trying to breast feed when mum just doesn't want to do it or when breast feeding is intolerable either to mum or baby. It is vital that mums make their own decision about feeding using all the information provided."

According to guidelines from the UK government, whenever possible, mothers should breastfeed their children for the first six months of the child's life. 


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Breastfeeding not so popular, survey reveals
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