Breast enlargement tops enquiries for 2010

As we enter 2011, we can look back and see how 2010 shaped up.  What cosmetic procedures and treatments are people most interested in and what are they actually having done?

In line with UK industry statistics, the breast enlargement remained the most popular procedure people enquired about in 2010.  Top enquiries by procedure in 2010 were:

1.     Breast enlargement

2.     Gastric band

3.     Hair transplant

4.     Rhinoplasty (nose job)

5.     Liposculpture/liposuction

However, in terms of procedures and treatments actually taken, the most common procedures were as follows:

1.     BOTOX™

2.     Breast enlargement

3.     Gastric band

4.     Beauty treatments/products ie post-op garments, skincare

5.     Dermal fillers ie Juvederm

What areas are getting more interest?  The list is as follows:

1.     One stitch face lift

2.     Laser treatments

3.     Labia reduction

4.     Arm lift

5.     Gastric sleeve

As expected, new procedures such as the one-stitch face lift and laser treatments top the list.

However, the increase in enquiries for arm lift show the success of the weight loss procedures offered by The Hospital Group and the growth as a consequence of cosmetic surgery procedures after weight loss – enquiries for thigh lifts also increased. 

David Ross, The Hospital Group’s CEO, said “We are seeing an increasingly diverse mix of enquiries and procedures as patients become more aware of what cosmetic surgery, weight loss, hair, non-surgical and cosmetic dentistry options are available.  This is partly due to the media focus on celebrity plastic surgery stories and partly due to a more general acceptance that this is not just for the elite, but accessible to all.”



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Breast enlargement tops enquiries for 2010
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