Breast cancer treatment 'needs to commence ASAP'

Anyone who has any concerns about breast cancer has been told to go and see their GP or clinic straight away.

Nina Borough, founder and chief executive of Walk the Walk Worldwide, has said that it is never a waste of time to have a doctor assess any abnormalities in a breast.

She stated that nine out of ten lumps turn out to be none cancerous, but people should not be idle just because they may think they are "pestering".

"I think that it is about really knowing your body and being aware of your body. We've all got little idiosyncrasies and bits that are unique to us," Ms Barough said.

She added that it was not just women who could develop the disease and men needed to be vigilant too.

According to Macmillan, a lump is often the first sign of breast cancer – the most common form of the disease in the UK.


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Breast cancer treatment 'needs to commence ASAP'
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