Breast cancer treatment - dense breasts

Medical professionals should map out breast cancer treatment programmes for individual women depending on the density of the tissue in their breasts.

Dr Louise Eriksson has spoken after she led a study at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden that was published at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Vienna.

She said the chances of the disease returning can be twice as high in women with high density breasts compared to those with lower levels of tissue.

The density between women can vary greatly, with Dr Eriksson stating: "Those with the lowest percentage density had breasts that were less than one per cent dense, whereas those with highest percentage density had 75-80 per cent dense breasts."

Earlier this week, the NHS promised to support women who have had PiP implants fitted and urged them to see a cancer specialist.

Dr Eriksson suggested the course of cancer treatment should perhaps be different for various women.



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Breast cancer treatment - dense breasts
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