Breast cancer treatment 'becoming increasingly successful'

The biggest killer in women with breast cancer is not the condition itself but rather cardiovascular disease, as breast cancer treatment has become highly effective, new research has shown.

A study conducted at the University of Colorado revealed that treatments for breast cancer have become so successful that ladies are more likely to die from other diseases.

The survey tracked 60,000 women with the condition over a nine-year period and found that 15.9 per cent died of cardiovascular disease, while the cancer itself was responsible for 15.1 per cent of deaths.

Jennifer Patnaik, from the University of Colorado, said the research shows how important it is to maintain overall health.

"Breast cancer is not necessarily a death sentence and patients need to take care of their health to reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and other age-related diseases," she added.

According to the British Heart Foundation, in 2009, over 180,000 people died from cardiovascular disease in Britain, accounting for one in three of all deaths.



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Breast cancer treatment 'becoming increasingly successful'
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