Breast cancer surgery 'safe during pregnancy'

It has been claimed that breast cancer surgery can be safely carried out "throughout all stages of pregnancy".

Martin Widschwendter, professor in women's cancer at UCL and a consultant gynaecological oncologist at the University College London Hospital, made the comment after the American Association for Cancer Research claimed that breast cancer treatment should not be delayed due to pregnancy.

The association noted that this was becoming increasingly important as more women are delaying having children until later in life.

Mr Widschwendter's comments chimed with this opinion: "The incidence of breast cancer increases with age. Hence women who get pregnant later in life generally have a higher chance of getting breast cancer."

Despite backing surgery to treat the cancer, Mr Widschwendter added: "Although no studies exist, immediate reconstruction after mastectomy in pregnancy is not recommended."

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK. In 2007 alone, almost 45,700 women and 277 men were diagnosed with the condition.


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Breast cancer surgery 'safe during pregnancy'
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