BMI Bishops Wood Hospital opens new surgical day care unit

Staff and consultants at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital in Northwood have celebrated the hospital’s 20th anniversary with an event, attended by the Mayor of Hillingdon, to launch the hospital’s new surgical day care unit. The event marked the hospital’s opening back in February 1991 and recognised the outstanding medical care it has been providing to the local community ever since.

In 1991 Bishops Wood Hospital conducted minor operations while in 2011 consultants at the hospital now carry out the most pioneering and innovative medical procedures. Recent new treatments have included the addition of a new prostate mapping clinic and Signature knee, a new form of knee replacement surgery.

Building on this success, The Mayor, Councillor Mary O'Connor MBE, attended the event to unveil the hospital’s new surgical day care unit. The new unit will offer NHS and private patients the benefit of outstanding medical care with shorter hospital stays and will specialise in minor surgical and investigative medical procedures across a wide range of specialities including: orthopaedics, ear nose and throat, gynaecology, ophthalmology, urology, respiratory and cosmetic surgical procedures.

“The surgical day unit at Bishops Wood Hospital will benefit both patients and consultants in providing an environment conducive to outstanding care,” commented Mr David Houlihan-Burne Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Bishops Wood Hospital. “The new facilities are state-of-the-art and will allow faster access to treatment for patients in the local community. I welcome the investment being made at the hospital and would like to congratulate all the team at the hospital on its 20th anniversary.”

While operating as a standalone service, the new surgical day care unit benefits from the full support of Bishops Wood Hospital’s facilities, which include a fully equipped level II high dependency unit, 24 hour resident medical officer cover and an onsite diagnostic imaging suite.

Speaking at the event, Councillor Mary O'Connor MBEcommented, “It was a pleasure to come down and meet the nurses, consultants and medical team at Bishops Wood Hospital. This new surgical facility is one that the team at Bishops Wood Hospital should feel immensely proud of and will help the hospital expand on what has already been achieved in the last 20 years. The new unit combines the latest facilities for advanced surgical procedures with personable, friendly care and it is a great addition to the healthcare provision in the local community.”

Reflecting on the hospital’s 20th anniversary, Executive Director Rob Love at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital commented, “Our consultants have been recognised internationally, and patients travel to Bishops Wood hospital to have treatment from all over the world. We are extremely proud to have been serving the people of Northwood and north London for 20 years and on behalf of our consultants, nurses and staff we would like to thank the Mayor for helping us unveil our new day care unit to the local community.


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BMI Bishops Wood Hospital opens new surgical day care unit
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