Beetroot juice 'could energise the elderly'

Older people could find that they have more energy for everyday tasks if they drink beetroot juice.

According to recent research conducted by the University of Exeter, the juice can be used to boost energy levels.

Indeed, the study found that the amount of effort taken up through walking is reduced by 12 per cent after consuming the drink.

The study follows earlier research by the university that showed athletes are able to exercise for up to 16 per cent longer when they drink beetroot juice.

Katie Lansley, a PhD student from the university and lead author, commented: "What we've seen in this study is that beetroot juice can actually reduce the amount of oxygen you need to perform even low-intensity exercise.

"In principle, this effect could help people do things they wouldn't otherwise be able to do."

The study was carried out in conjunction with the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry.


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Beetroot juice 'could energise the elderly'
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