Back pain 'can be reduced by good posture'

Physiotherapy and improvements to posture could allow people to avoid lower back pain and give them a host of further health benefits.

Adam Dallison, a registered osteopath and inventor of PosturePlast, said that 90 per cent of back pain is the result of poor posture.

He explained that it is more tiring for a person to slouch as it means stomach and back muscles are in an unorthodox position.

"Good spinal posture means you stand taller, slimmer and look more confident. This leads to less internal organ and vascular flow through the stomach area, which can actually increase performance," Mr Dallison added.

The expert stated that lifestyles have altered and the body is no longer being used as it was in man's evolutionary past.

Recently, the Postural Care Action Group stated that those suffering from multiple disabilities needed better access to physiotherapy, as body shape modifications could further affect their quality of life.


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Back pain 'can be reduced by good posture'
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