Aviva launches MyHealthCounts for Business

Aviva UK Health has launched MyHealthCounts for Business, for companies with 250 or more.

It helps companies gain a clearer understanding of the health of their employees and offers a range of tools to help them tackle their company's key health risk areas and encourage their employees to take pro-active steps to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Employers can receive up to 100% discount off the cost in the following year depending on the proportion of their employees who complete the online health questionnaire and the average health score achieved. Employees receive health and leisure discounts as well as points that can be redeemed against health management tools.

Employers can purchase a core package of benefits that includes online health risk assessment, health reporting and a choice of internal communications materials. There are options to add other covers.

Employees complete an online health and lifestyle questionnaire to discover how healthy they are compared to 100 other people of the same age and gender. Their Q Score is based on personal health information including BMI, resting heart rate, cholesterol level, blood pressure and lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking and exercise.

An online health coach then helps them set realistic goals and offers them personalised advice and support on the steps they can take to improve and maintain their health. Employees can monitor their Q Score to see how their efforts are improving their health and contributing to their points.


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Aviva launches MyHealthCounts for Business
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