Air hostesses keen to have cosmetic surgery

A private cosmetic surgery clinic has revealed that many of its patients are air hostesses who are keen to go under the knife in order to enhance their appearance.

Marie Jenkins, patient coordinator at the Birkdale Clinic in Crosby, told Female First that many of the clinic's cosmetic surgery clients are cabin crew, female business owners or housewives.

While air hostesses tend to opt for breast enlargement surgery, business owners are more likely to choose tummy tucks or non-surgical treatments such as Botox.

Ms Jenkins also told the website that Botox is popular among firefighters, who commonly ask for the non-surgical treatment to address excessive sweating or 'hyperhydrosis'.

"We had a number of firefighters coming into our Rotherham clinic to have Botox to stop sweating - and we even had to put on a special clinic for them out of normal surgery hours," she revealed.

The Birkdale Clinic started off life as the Birkdale Clinic of Ophthalmology in 1993 before expanding its range of services to include cosmetic surgery, dental surgery and orthopaedic and general surgery.


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Air hostesses keen to have cosmetic surgery
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