Advice on how to tackle stress in the workplace

According to a recent survey, stress levels in Britain have doubled in the last four years, so it has never been more important to address the issue of stress, particularly amongst employees in the workplace.

According to the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), which promotes employment relations and HR excellence, stress in the workplace can have many different triggers. For example, a change in the working environment can lead to insecurity or additional responsibilities can put too much pressure on employees and make them anxious about whether they can live up to expectations.

UK Healthcare offers useful hints and tips of how you can tackle incidences of stress in your workplace:

  • Make sure your employees understand what they have to do, and how they have to do it
  • Keep them informed about what is going on within the company, and plan ahead so that any changes can be clearly signposted, and all employees are prepared for it
  • Consult your employees about important decisions and prospective changes within the company, so as to give them an input and enable them to work with you to solve problems
  • Consider ways in which to make employees’ demands more manageable, such as flexible working hours
  • Carry out a thorough induction with new employees, with a checklist of all the important things they need to know. Provide them with a written statement of the particulars of their employment, make sure their job descriptions are clear and concise, and be prepared to meet their training needsHave clear procedures for handling misconduct and poor performance, and for employees to raise grievances
  • Tackle all incidences of bullying and harassment, and make it perfectly clear that such behaviour will not be tolerated in your workplace.



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Advice on how to tackle stress in the workplace
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