Abiraterone 'should be available' for prostate cancer victims

Prostate cancer victims should have access to a new drug that is shown to have a positive clinical impact on their state.

That is the view of Cancer Research UK, which is actively seeking an end to the dispute over abiraterone.

The drug has been rejected by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice), which suggested it is not cost-effective for the NHS to stock it.

According to Nice, abiraterone's manufacturer, Janssen, is asking for too high a price in order to make it widely available in the UK.

But that stance is not pleasing Cancer Research UK, whose chief clinician professor Peter Johnson stated: "At the moment it is too expensive and Nice must find a better way to ensure drugs that are already working for patients get approved."

Prostate cancer is now the most common form of the disease among men in the UK, although it is relatively rare in those younger than 50.


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Abiraterone 'should be available' for prostate cancer victims
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