1 in 5 put off visiting the dentist because of cost

HSA’s Annual Dental Survey 2008 says that 1 in 5 of UK adults have put off visiting the dentist because they are concerned about the cost.

The survey of nearly 1,000 consumers by independent research agency TNS, also says that over a quarter of adults believe that looking after their oral health is unaffordable. This could reveal a worrying picture for our future oral health.

Richard Halley of HSA comments, “Our results come shortly after the NHS has revealed that half a million fewer adults are visiting the dentist now, than two years ago. This could be down to cost, and also difficulty in accessing an NHS dentist. 27% of those surveyed claim that they have struggled to find an NHS dentist. If affordability is a concern people could consider taking out an HSA Healthplan. Plans starts from as little as £2.25 a week and provide the peace of mind you are covered for check-ups, treatment and emergencies, whether for an NHS or private dentist.”

  • Over two fifths of people think NHS dentistry will disappear altogether in the future, and 28% think it will exist in the future, but will only be available to a few
  • 35% believe they could do more to look after their oral health
  • Only 27% think the Government is doing enough to look after the oral health of children
  • HSA electronically surveyed 996 consumers via the Consumer Omnibus belonging to the independent research agency TNS. The surveys were carried out from 15 February 2008 to 19 February 2008 via face-to-face interviews

Figures released by the NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care in February 2008 indicate that half a million fewer patients are accessing state funded dental care than before they were introduced. In the two years to October 2007, a total of 27.6 million patients saw an NHS dentist in England. This compares to 28.1 million in the two years to April 2006.


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1 in 5 put off visiting the dentist because of cost
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