Cosmetic Surgery Market Study 2014

  • Author: Private Healthcare UK
  • Published: June 2014
  • Cost: £450

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This major new report from Intuition Communication, publishers of Private Healthcare UK, is based on responses from the leading figures in the UK provider market (including both the main private acute hospital providers and individual clinics) as well as clinicians and representatives of professional and advisory groups. We also collected and analysed over 2,700 prices for the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK. 

In preparing this report, we set out to understand better the drivers behind the demand for cosmetic surgery and to gauge the views of industry participants about market prospects for the next three to five years.  

We have collected prices for the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures from as many providers as possible.  This has enabled us to comment on pricing variations and competitive pricing as well as comparing UK prices with those for the most commonly visited European destinations for UK residents seeking cosmetic surgery.   

This report focuses on surgical procedures only and does not include non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures, injectables or fillers.   

Report contents

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • The research in context
  • The here and now
  • Feedback from interviews           
  • Financing cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Cosmetic surgery tourism
  • Price comparisons for cosmetic surgery procedures
  • The patient perspective
  • The future of cosmetic surgery
  • References and acknowledgements
  • Appendix: results in detail




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