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The Private Healthcare Summit 2017 presentations

The Private Healthcare Summit was held at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, London on 20 June 2017.

If you attended the event, you are welcome to download and view the presentations.

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Build your reputation in private healthcare through ratings and reviews
Donatello Bianco, CEO of tuOtempO, demonstrated the power of harnessing reviews and ratings to build a reputation in private healthcare.
How can a "value proposition" influence patient choice in healthcare marketing?
Ed Hudson, Managing director of Create Health, illustrated the importance of having a value propositon to influence a patient's choice in healthcare marketing.
The importance of a brand identity & marketing to the NHS
Nick Meyhew, Managing director of Healthi, demonstrated the importance of brand marketing in the private healthcare sector and how to market to the NHS.
Has the GCC private healthcare bubble burst?
Graham Eldefield, director of GlenfieldConsulting examined the changing nature of GCC markets to assess whether the private healthcare markers have burst.
The future of private healthcare in the UK
Chris Blackwell Frost, Chief Custom Office at Nuffield Health, demonstrated the factors at play that will shape the private healthcare market in the future.
Cyber security in healthcare
Mark Jackson, Principal Information Assurance Architect at Cisco, examined the importance for secure systems in the healthcare industry.
London Private Healthcare in 2025
Victor Chua, Partner at Mansfield Advisors, presented a detailed examination of the London healthcare market.
How to put a value on patient experience
Alastair Cottrill, Business Design at EY-Seren, demonstrated how it was possible to ascertain a value on "the patient experience".
Disruptive innovation and collaboration in the private healthcare sector
Dr Tony Lopez, CEO & Medical Director of Incorporated Health, offered insight into whether disruptive innovation or collaboration are the key to success in the private sector for healthcare providers.
Innovation in the private medical insurance market
Matthew Ward, Corporate Innovation Manager of AXA PPP Healthcare, presented why insurers in the private healthcare market must continue to innovate to ensure they are not left behind by new competition.
The future of private medical insurance in the UK
Dr Steve Iley, Medical Director of Bupa UK Insurance, discussed what the future of holds for private medical insurers in a shrinking market place.
Measuring the patient experience in private healthcare
Chris Graham, Chief Executive of the Picker Institute Europe, explained why it is important for providers in the private healthcare market to measure the satisfaction of their patients.
How to enhance the patient experience in private healthcare
Gareth Cartman, Director of Digital at CLD, described what healthcare providers in the UK private healthcare market can do to improve the patient experience.
The importance of keeping private patients informed
Matt James, Founder and Chief Executive of PHIN, outlined why it is important that providers within the private healthcare market keep their patients 'in the know'.
Staffing and recruitment models for private healthcare providers
Thomas Kohut, Uscreates and Julie Kerry, Cygnet Health Care outlined effective methods for attracting and retaining staff for providers in the private healthcare sector.
Is the NHS the future of private healthcare?
Clare Auty, Partner at BrowneJacobson, discussed the current relationship between the NHS and the private sector, and presented an argument for whether the NHS is the key to the future of private healthcare.
The importance of technology to cut costs for healthcare facilities
Kurt Barwiss, President and CEO of Bristol Hospital & Healthcare Group, discussed how private healthcare providers should leverage technology to help drive the quality of service and reduce costs.



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