Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO)

The Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO) is a medical organisation that represents the majority of the medical professional’s organisations in Britain that have private practice committees.

Established in 2000, FIPO acts as an umbrella body for the various medical organisations, specialist groups and consultant representatives that act on behalf of the profession in the independent sector. With a mandate to preserve and promote the highest standards of clinical care, it provides guidance, policies and co-ordination to these medical organisations and aims to work constructively with independent hospital providers and the private medical insurance industry to further the cause of independent healthcare.

The objectives of the FIPO are fourfold:

  • To promote the highest possible standards in the independent sector, underpinned by clinical governance and audit
  • To maintain the independence of the consultant and the freedom of choice for the patient and doctor
  • To provide a forum for the representatives of independent practitioners to agree common policy relating to medical practice
  • To provide a mechanism for discussion with hospital providers, medical insurance providers, patient groups and other relevant bodies on all matters relating to independent medical practice such as standards, complaints procedures, reimbursements and code of practice.

The membership of FIPO comprises all the national medical groups and private specialty organisations with an interest in private practice. There is an important connection to the Medical Advisory Committees (MACs) of independent hospitals in the UK.

FIPO is a non-profit company made up of a Membership Council, an Executive Board and a Chairman. The Council meets bi-annually to decide policy and consists of representatives from all the member organisations together with ten MAC representatives. The Executive Board is made up of elected or co-opted, non-salaried Directors who provide day to day management and the Chairman is elected by the Executive Board.



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