Private healthcare 2017: A year in review

The private healthcare sector is going through a period of significant change. Through 2017, we have kept you up-to-date with developments in the sector, reporting on these events as they have unfolded. Here, we highlight some the most read and most pertinent articles of the year so far.

1)International patient markets.... yesterday the GCC... tomorrow...?

Private Healthcare UK explores the trends in international patient flow from the Gulf states, and a market that has been impacted by a reduction in demand for government funded medical tourism in the GCC region. Experts gathered at the Private Healthcare Summit 2017 to discuss these changes, and how they would affect the private healthcare market in the UK.....Read the article

Private Healthcare UK is hosting the Private Healthcare Summit 2018 to further discuss the shape of the private healthcare market, and the trends for the future.

2)There couldn't be a better time to promote self-pay

With NHS cuts and waiting times increasing, it is the ideal time to promote self-pay. This article explores the opportunity, drawing upon analysis from the BBC and the King’s Fund to evaluate the potential for self-pay promotion.....Read the article

3)“If you don’t like change, get out of the private healthcare sector now”

Constantly changing trends in the private healthcare sector have brought about the need for private healthcare providers to be more dynamic. Changes in market, customers, consultant-hospital relationships and technology have all lead to a more fluid industry. These changes are explored, and the exciting times that face the industry in the future are discussed.....Read the article

4)The unique value proposition in private healthcare

Identifying a unique value proposition (UVP) is a valuable tool for private hospitals and healthcare companies wishing to communicate competitive advantage over rivals. Everything that is needed to know about having a successful and effective UVP is explained.....Read the article

5)Why is health insurance so difficult to understand?

Private medical insurance (PMI) is a market that has been in decline for some years. Significant barriers to purchase and continued use of PMI have been the complexity of the product and the lack of consumer focus. Private Healthcare UK suggests that there may be light at the end of the dark PMI tunnel.....Read the article

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Private healthcare 2017: A year in review



Self-Pay Market Study 2017

  • Factors behind growth of the market
  • Major healthcare providers offerings
  • In-depth analysis of pricing
  • Cost: £695
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NHS Private Patient Market Report 2015

  • First report into NHS private patient market
  • Analysis of the market
  • Drivers and future potential
  • Pricing comparison for common elective procedures
  • Cost: £575
  • LaingBuisson clients get a discount price of £475

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