How can you make sure that patients spot you

At Intuition we’ve written before about ‘Making it to number one in private practice’ and we recognise that it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd when it comes to patients choosing you or your facility for their private treatment. It seems these days that every other consultant and clinic has a new website, a new social media account, and a new strategy for bringing in private patients. With so much information available online, how can you make sure that patients spot you?

Perhaps you’re already successful in your field and you have a steady stream of private patients coming through your doors, but it’s getting harder to maintain or increase that level of business. Fewer patients have insurance now and the competition for them is ever increasing.

Perhaps you’re new to private practice or you’re setting up a new facility, and you need some assistance with establishing your authority and reputation, and raising your profile amongst potential patients.

It’s crucial to recognise that times are changing and patients expect a better service and comprehensive information from healthcare providers. They can now access information about you and your clinic or hospital using a range of online sources, and you will lose out on this attention if you don’t have a presence in the right places, or if you haven’t made it as impressive as possible. The internet has changed the ways that patients make choices about treatment and it’s vital that you make the most of this.

The right information at the right time

To play your part in improving the private patient journey, you’ll need to provide the right information at each stage in the process, from the patient’s initial research to their recommendations after treatment.

At Intuition we know that you need to stand out from the crowd, and we have a three stage process to help you do that.

Stage 1: Audit

We’ll review your web presence. We’ll look at what the web says about you - on your site and on third party sites. We’ll assess your ranking in Google search results, and evaluate your “online reputation” on social media and patient forums. We’ll audit all aspects of content and communication, including looking at your online and offline presence, as well as the communication you undertake between patients, your referring GPs, and so on. Then we’ll get to work on delivering a solution.

Stage 2: Plan and create

It’s no longer enough to say that you’re a great doctor or a well-established clinic. Patients are looking for convincing information about how good you are, and we’ll identify opportunities to build your reputation and develop your practice. We’ll use creative content and professional communication to help you to attract and engage patients. It goes without saying that we will use the most appropriate and cost effective medium for your business.

Stage 3: Deliver

We’ll deliver the right content for you in the right places. We can re-write the content of your website as needed, and we can even re-design it if necessary. We take away the hassle for you – we’ll update your profiles on third party sites, design and write your patient communication materials, and develop email templates for following up patient enquiries. We’ll establish your social media profile and develop video content to showcase your expertise.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, we can get you noticed.

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Author profile: Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward has worked in a variety of marketing and operational roles, predominantly specialising in the private healthcare sector, during the past 16 years. Sarah was involved in the original development of Private Healthcare UK, and has subsequently managed the development of web sites and projects for Intuition Communication, such as The Harley Street Guide and, and research initiatives such as the Medical Tourism Climate Survey. She believes that communication is the key to success, whether in business or social circumstances.


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How can you make sure that patients spot you



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