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Radiofrequency ablation (one leg) at Veincentre Ltd: Oxfordshire

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a medical procedure in which part of the electrical conduction system of the heart, tumour or other dysfunctional tissue is ablated using the heat generated from high frequency alternating current (in the range of 350–500 kHz). There are different types of RF ablations used for different conditions, one of which is called the HALO System, which is used via an endoscopy to treat conditions such as Barrett's Oesophagus (abnormal lining of the oesophagus).


Location Price
Veincentre Ltd: Oxfordshire £1,695
National average ( 8 hospitals/clinics ) £1,995
Average within miles of Go  

Health professionals specialising in Radiofrequency ablation - Gastro-Intestinal at Veincentre Ltd: Oxfordshire

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