Ways to pay for private treatment at The London Skin Clinic

The London Skin Clinic is able to treat both insured private patients, with a referral from their GP or specialist, and self referring patients.

Self pay

The team at The London Skin Clinic are happy to see patients who are self funding or being sponsored by a third party, an employer, for example.  In the case of a third party referral, however, a letter of guarantee of payment would be needed. Payment is due on receipt of an invoice, usually at the time of treatment.

International patients

The consultants at The London Skin Clinic are highly experienced in caring for international patients and liaising with their home physicians.  Where it is necessary for a patient to procure a visa, the Clinic can provide confirmation of pre-booked appointments.

What's included

A guide to consultation and investigation fees is available based on standard outcomes. These fees include specialist charges, diagnostic pathology, operating facilities, local  anaesthesia and relevant consumables.

Insured patients

Medical insurers, subject to their policy terms, generally cover all the consultations, investigations and procedures undertaken at The London Skin Clinic.  A referral from a doctor or specialist is essential and it is strongly recommended that patients always contact their insurer prior to an initial visit to ensure that the treatment that they are seeking is covered by their policy.

List correct as of 12 December 2014.

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