Regent’s Park Healthcare

Private hospital group

About Regent's Park Healthcare

Founded in 2002, Regent’s Park Healthcare is the UK’s leading provider of independent cardiac services. The company has been developing innovative service solutions in partnership with NHS hospital cardiac departments over two decades and has since built an integrated national platform which currently operates cardiac services across numerous NHS hospitals and employs over 250 staff.

The company works with the largest group of consultant cardiologists in the UK. The company believe the length of time working in any specialist medical field is as important today as it has always been. Specialism, experience and case volumes drive excellence. With over 40 consultant cardiologists to choose, all leaders in their sub-specialties and with in excess of 800 years of experience, the company believe their patients will always be in capable hands and receive the best advice and care.

The company has also developed a unique operating and clinical care model based around patient safety. They are different from other independent providers in the UK because all their facilities are integrated partnerships with leading University NHS Trust Hospitals. In practical terms, this means they are co-located alongside NHS cardiology departments and through a bespoke partnership model they operate their services under the same clinical governance frameworks used by their NHS partners. This means they have created ‘hospitals within hospitals’. This co-location alongside the NHS allows patients immediate, on-site access to critical care facilities, surgeons and anaesthetists should they be needed. It also means they are able to adhere to all national clinical guidelines for coronary stenting and device implantation, as well as participate in national and local audits of their work – this ensures safety and drives quality. This unique operating model allows them to provide the highest quality of care, efficiently, and in the safest possible manner to their patients.

It is the reason they believe they have formed enduring partnerships with NHS cardiology departments to deliver and operate cardiology services. It is also why they have been chosen by the NHS Supply Chain, the national procurement arm of the NHS, to provide cardiology services to every part of the NHS when they need their support.

Regent’s Park Healthcare facilities include NHS cardiology private patient units, managed NHS cardiology services, new-build cardiology centres, modular cardiac catheter labs, recovery wards, hybrid operating theatres and imaging facilities. They provide a complete range of services from outpatient investigations and diagnostic screening through to complex interventional cardiology procedures. They also link with industry to facilitate clinical trials, translational research and the adoption of new technology.

The guiding philosophy at Regent’s Park Healthcare is that every patient with heart disease should have access to healthcare of a world-class standard. To this end, the company prides itself on its ability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective cardiac care through excellent service, efficient operations management, well-trained staff and uncompromising professionalism.