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"After a number of months experiencing discomfort with leg pains, back pain and low energy overall and after trying a number of solutions, I finally was recommended to see Sukh and that was the best thing that could have happened to me.

From the first day Sukh had identified the potential issues with a number of my symptoms, gave me almost immediate confidence on how he was going to tackle the issues. It was evident that with every session I was getting better and my visit to Sukh became regular and a life style choice to ensure that my body was in the best possible condition, as well as coming out more knowledgeable about how to be in control of my body and how to prevent potential issues.

After 2 years I am totally free of any pains and have been totally reenergised …
I have been recommending Sukh to everyone I know as he is a real professional, honest and a great human being.’’


After each treatment (a combination of acupuncture and Tradition Japanese Medicine) I feel so much better. Sukh treats you in a very personable way in a safe environment 
I highly recommend Sukh Padda and Bodisync.


After the removal of a Basil Cess Carcinoma on my face, I was left with a scar that remained inflamed and red. After the first session at Body-sync the scar has faded and the inflammation has totally subsided. I am left being confident that the scar will eventually be unnoticeable. 


I first came to be introduced to Sukh through my late husband who was Sukhs’ first ever client. My husband suffered from a stiff neck and a painful knee and the treatment given to him by Sukh gave my late husband complete relief from his painful knee and stiff neck.

I then became his next client as I used to suffer from bloating and a lot of cramps in my stomach and constipation; Overall I felt sluggish and awful within myself.

Sukh treated me with acupuncture and Japanese Integrated Therapy using natural body movements to release imbalances, balancing my organs valves and restoring health.

After a few sessions my problems started to disappear and I started feeling more energetic and lighter within my body.

Bodisync provides a hands on treatment which offered me relief and it addressed my whole body especially ligaments, organs, muscles, tendons and overall balance. It is by far the best treatment I’ve received. 

I still visit Sukh for an overall health check on a frequent basis and have always found the treatment beneficial. It leaves me feeling very revitalised and always the much needed boost needed for a working mum! For those of you who are in need, Bodisync is your answer; health is always wealth. Get in touch!

“I have been having treatments with Sukh for about a year. I initially went with hip and knee pain and issues with my back and shoulders. His approach is holistic (working on tendons, organs, and everything in between!) and incredibly thorough, often finding the cause somewhere I least expected it.

As a Pilates teacher, I find his work invaluable for keeping me balanced and ‘well oiled’! And most importantly Sukh has a lovely bedside manner making you feel comfortable throughout.”


Sukh has been helping me deal with a hip issue I’ve had for many months. Having tried out physiotherapy the pain was not subsiding. I visited Bodisync for a few sessions and the pain has significantly reduced. Would definitely recommend!

I decided to have facial acupuncture as I started noticing fine lines on my forehead and slight sagging overall. I am 46 with good skin but I felt that I could benefit with some skin tightening.
I was considering fillers but when I started researching I didn’t want to take the risk of having filler injected into my skin.
My first session with Sukh was a bit scary as I am not very good with needles, but I have to say most of them I didn’t even feel.

After my first session I could already tell that my skin was glowing and it looked more healthy. I have had a few more sessions and I can see such a big difference, like I said I have very good skin for someone who is 46 but the outcome has been amazing with few people commenting just after one session.

After further sessions my face looks more slimmer and contoured which is what I wanted to achieve. I also had an asymmetrical face with my right side slightly wider due to grinding my teeth, Sukh has managed to make the right side on par to my left.

I still have a few more sessions with Sukh, but I am already so happy with the results and will definitely recommend this to anyone. Facial acupuncture is meant to help boost collagen to the skin which has worked for me as the fine lines are reducing and my chin and jowl area look more slimmer and contoured.

I have to say I am really pleased I have had this treatment and Sukh is brilliant. Thank you Sukh you have really listened and understood what I wanted to achieve.


I have arthritic feet and a rigid right toe joint which is all so much more supple since Sukh's treatment. I can move much more easily and don't find I have to constantly think about how to walk. Sukh gets rid of any tight muscles much more effectively than I have ever found with amy other treatment.

If you have any physical ailments, Sukh is the person to see. He is such a nice person, very understanding and intuitive.



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