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Wisdom Teeth Extraction at Ashtead Hospital

Tooth extraction is the act of removing a tooth (or teeth) from it's socket. Teeth may need to be removed if they have been subject to trauma, or otherwise causing pain due to decay or disease. The procedure is straightforward and can be done under a local anaesthetic, and the clot seals after approximately 24, reducing the odds of any bleeding.


Location Price
Ashtead Hospital £1,635 *
National average ( 132 hospitals/clinics ) £2,230
Average within miles of Go  

* What's included?

Ashtead Hospital offers all of their self-paying patients and most of their privately insured patients Premium Care. Premium Care ensures that you feel at home, with care provided in relaxing setting. With access to additional benefits exclusively available to Premium Care patients, you can ensure you will be well cared for.