Figures suggest that one in four travellers do not buy cover. Compared to the cost of the trip, a travel insurance policy is not expensive. You may be able to replace possessions cheaply, and an airport delay may just be a nuisance, but if you get a large medical bill overseas it can ruin you.

If you are travelling abroad, especially outside of the EU, then it makes sense to ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover any medical and health emergencies that may arise when you are abroad. Nowadays, there are many places that you can buy such a policy - from your travel agent, an insurance broker, a supermarket, at the post office and of course online.

Travel insurance provides you with compensation for anything that could go wrong while you are away, from  having to cancel your trip to losing your suitcases. But the most important element is the medical expenses cover. If you are without cover and you travel to a country with high medical costs, or if you need to be flown back in an emergency, the possible cost to you could be high.

Your travel insurance policy should cover:

  • Around £3,000-£5,000 if you have to cancel or curtail your trip, for example because of illness or a fire or burglary back home.
  • At least £1,500 cover for loss or theft of personal baggage and belongings (if you have specialist camera or golf equipment, for example, you'll need more than this).
  • Help if your flight is delayed.
  • Personal liability cover, typically up to £12 million, protects you if a damages claim is made against you while on holiday.
  • Legal expenses cover (usually up to £25,000) pays for a lawyer if you need to make a claim against a third party.
  • Medical treatment - including emergency dental. Look for at least £2 million of cover in Europe and £5 million for the rest of the world.
  • Up to £500 for lost or stolen money.


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