Private medical insurance for individuals

Recent developments in health insurance cover

The main attraction of private medical insurance is the degree of patient choice it offers. There is a wide variety of covers to choose from. If you have individual medical insurance you can choose where, when and how you are treated. Some individual health insurance providers limit the choice to specified hospitals.

In the last few years, there has also been a widening of the choice of individual medical insurance product on offer. Once a "one size fits all" approach was all that was available. That was replaced by budget, standard and luxury covers. Now, Individual health insurance providers have developed mix-and-match self choice products, self pay and high excess options, limited cover products. We also now have, among others, health trusts, health funds, cover for parents, cover for the self-employed, policies rewarding healthier lifestyles, policies offering treatment overseas.

Increasingly, private medical insurance is also offering preventative medicine, GP and nurse helplines, health screening, fitness and health advice, and even discounts at health clubs and gyms.

You can often add other insurances to your private medical insurance. These include health cash, critical illness, life, income protection, travel and dental.

Our aim is to help guide you through this maze of individual health insurance policies.

Do we recommend policies?

We do not recommend any particular private medical insurance product or provider. We do not make judgement as to whether or not a policy, or any feature in it, is "good" or "bad". Neither do we suggest which policy is best suited to you. Always check out the full policy wording before buying, and carefully read any documents that the insurers provide.

Our Product Profiles are independent. They are not written, or edited by, any insurer or other provider. We do not give them ratings or stars.

We have broken down the hundreds of private medical insurance policies on offer into specific categories to help you find your way through the health insurance maze.



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