Thinking about getting personal accident insurance?

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A simple personal accident policy pays a set cash sum on death.

On other benefits, there may be a cash sum, a monthly income or a mixture of the two. Monthly income is limited to a set number of months.

Most also include a cash sum for Total Permanent Disablement.  This is where you are not going to get better.

Then there are frequently specific items where you get payment for injuries which result in

  • Total loss of speech, hearing or sight
  • Total loss of or use of a hand or foot

Less frequent are specific higher benefits for catastrophes which result in quadraplegia or paraplegia.

Some policies go into great detail about the different benefits for each type of accident such as fracture or dislocation.

Also common is Temporary Total Disablement. This is where you are seriously hurt but will get better.

Other benefits may include Hospital Cash for every night you are in hospital.

It is quite common for benefits to be double, treble or quadrupled for serious problems such as travel accident, accidental death, disappearance or exposure.

Other product features available include

  • 24/7 helpline
  • Counselling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Damage to clothing and personal property
  • Kidnap and hijack
  • Cost of specialist transport to get you to hospital 

Thinking about getting personal accident insurance?

Download our free PDF guide



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