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If you would like to know about Personal Accident insurance, and the scope and benefits of Personal Accident insurance, you will find our Guide to Personal Accident Insurance of interest.

Personal accident insurance pays out an income if you're unable to work because of illness or injury. Personal accident insurance aims to put you back to the position you were in before you were unable to work. It pays a regular tax-free monthly income.

Personal Accident cover is often included in motor, travel, sports, home and business cover. It is often included or an option in Private Medical Insurance.

As with all insurance, the trick to buying the right type of accident insurance is to consider exactly what it is that you need it to do for you. You need to have a very close look at the small print of any accident insurance policy to make sure it will pay out when you want it to. Various options for personal accident insurance are considered in our guide to personal accident insurance.

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Guide to going private

Guide to going private

20 page PDF guide to "going private" for insured and self-paying patients.

  • Advice on choosing a doctor and hospital
  • Checklist for comparing providers
  • Understanding prices

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