International life insurance

If you are a UK expatriate, normal UK life cover may not be your best option.

Local covers are available, but not if you want the policy in English or money paid into the UK.

What can be insured, how, the currency for payment of premiums and claims, the laws, the tax situation in the UK and the country you are living in, is a complex one which varies by country.

Using an international plan usually means you can choose to pay in £s or euros or the currency of the country you live in.

There is an increasing number of reputable UK companies that offer specialist cover.

We only list those that are either based in the UK or are a subsidiary of a UK insurer, and only companies that will deal direct with you.

Many international insurers or the international arms of UK insurers are primarily concerned with offshore investment bonds and life policies, but as we are not an investment advice site we only include companies that offer simple term life policies, i.e. those that pay out when you die during a pre-agreed period.

If you want life covers that include investment potential, then it is very risky to go direct to any insurer or any bank – specialist independent financial advice is vital.

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If you are looking for International life insurance, we have a selection on our site.

Guide to going private

Guide to going private

20 page PDF guide to "going private" for insured and self-paying patients.

  • Advice on choosing a doctor and hospital
  • Checklist for comparing providers
  • Understanding prices

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