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There are five types of plan:

Pre-paid funeral plans

These pay most or all of the funeral director’s charges, and may cover some or all other costs. These also include the future planning of the funeral. They tend to be marketed as funeral plans.

Whole of life plans 

There are also other financial products described by sellers as funeral plans but these are not funeral plans as defined in law. These products are a whole of life insurance policy intended to provide the funds or a contribution to funds for the policyholder's funeral.

These are marketed under a variety of names, for example, '50+ plans' and even 'funeral plans'. These are designed to provide funds towards the cost of the funeral when required.

A few of these plans contain or have an option to contain arrangements for the conduct of the funeral; but most leave the funeral planning to the family.

They may or may not cover most of the funeral costs.

Family group plans

These are almost identical to individual whole life covers, but are a new concept that can cover up to six family members.

Repatriation Pre-paid Funeral Plan

These are for people living in the UK who want to be buried in another country. They are mostly, but not exclusively, for foreign nationals. 

Expatriate Pre-paid Funeral Plan

These are funeral plans for UK expatriates who live overseas and either want to be buried there or be brought back home for burial or a cremation.


Thinking about funeral plans?

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