Funeral plans

Funerals can be expensive, costing several thousand pounds, and many people worry that when they die, they won't leave enough money for their funeral. With a funeral plan, you arrange and pay for it in advance. You can arrange a funeral plan for your own funeral or for someone else.

The average cost of a funeral is £2,998 for a cremation and £3,914 for a burial, with costs of burials in London often over £5,000.

Purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan allows you to buy and organise your funeral at current costs. Funeral costs have risen 7% a year in recent years and are expected to rise in price every year for many years to come.

One alternative is to buy an over 50s life policy.

If you have a particular funeral in mind, or wish to protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress and organisation, you may want to buy a funeral plan.

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Guide to going private

Guide to going private

20 page PDF guide to "going private" for insured and self-paying patients.

  • Advice on choosing a doctor and hospital
  • Checklist for comparing providers
  • Understanding prices

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