Dental insurance : An overview

It is not easy finding a NHS dentist, since many dentists now only operate privately. Even if you do find one, most people have to pay for routine dental work. NHS dentists are often overstretched, so may not be taking on new patients, or have a long waiting list even for urgent work.

Less than half the population bother with regular dental check ups. 5 million people visit their dentist with toothache each year. Seven million people regularly receive private dental treatment, Dental bills are growing, and always seem to come at the worst possible time

In these circumstances, there is a perceived need for dental insurance plans. UK residents may think that if they have private medical insurance, they have full dental insurance. This may be true, but usually cover is limited. There may be restrictions on amounts paid, what is covered, or even a total exclusion if you have not been to the dentist regularly.



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