Dental insurance plans in the UK

If you would like to learn about dental plans, and the different types of dental plan that are available, you will find the following information of interest.

Unless you are in the minority who gets free NHS treatment, the costs of dental treatment can be quite high. Regular treatment is essential. But the costs of an unexpected visit or series of treatments can catch even those who go regularly to their dentist.

Problems with your teeth inevitably occur at the worst possible time. The unexpected costs usually come at the worst possible time too. The costs of going to the dentist, even an NHS one, are increasing. This is where a dental plan can help you.

What are dental insurance plans?

In dental insurance plans in return for annual or monthly payments, you get an insurance policy. This may cover selected individuals or all the family.

What do dental insurance plans cover?

Dental insurance plans do not come as standard policies. Every insurer is different. Some offer a range of policies. Some offer choices as to what you can cover, within a policy. There is a lot of difference between what various insurers may offer in a dental plan. Some insurers offer a choice of dental plans, which differ a lot between them.

In a dental plan the basic rule on health insurance applies. The more you pay, the wider cover you get.

Some dental health insurance policies are described as NHS cover. These aim only to cover the costs of NHS treatment.

Some UK dental insurance policies seek to cover the costs of private treatment. The aim of dental insurance / dental plans is to offer cover for preventative, minor and major restorative dental treatments.

Typically, dental plans will include a very long list of limits. Each type of treatment usually has a limit paid out for that treatment and a separate limit for the amount paid for that type of treatment during a year.

There may be cover for dental emergencies and accidents, often anywhere in the world.

How much does UK dental insurance cost?

This depends on how wide a cover you choose. You may wish to obtain a number of quotations for dental insurance plans to compare them and obtain the dental plan that best suits you.

Are there any special restrictions?

Most UK dental insurance policies will only insure you if you have good teeth to start with and no work that needs doing. Some will ask you to declare that you regularly visit a dentist. Others will ask your dentist to complete a form to make sure that there is no outstanding work to do and that you do visit regularly.

What does it not cover?

Every dental plan policy differs. Typically, they will not pay for:

  • cosmetic treatment
  • orthodontic treatment
  • dental implants
  • sports injuries unless a mouth guard is worn


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