Perfect Choice

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Basic: Funeral plans plan from Perfect Choice

  • The most affordable package that covers your funeral director’s costs only
  • It does not cover any third party costs such as the cost of cremation or doctors, ministers or clergy fees
  • This plan allows you to make some financial provision towards your funeral and secure your funeral director’s costs at today’s prices
  • All third party fees will need to be paid at the time of the funeral


  • 18 plus with no age limit.


  • Fixes the funeral director’s costs at today’s prices
  • The services of your funeral director
  • Professional advice on certification and registration of death
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Conveyance of the deceased, within a 25-mile radius, to the funeral director’s premises.
  • A simple coffin
  • Care of the deceased until the cremation or burial takes place
  • A hearse to convey the deceased to the nearest crematorium.
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Expert advice from an approved funeral director
  • No medical questions or medical examinations

Not covered

  • Cremation costs
  • Medical fees for cremation certificates
  • Ministers and officiants fees.
  • Provision of one limousine for family and friends
  • An option to view the deceased
  • The collection and administration of charitable donations
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