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Insured Funeral Plan: Funeral plans plan from Legal and General

  • A simple way to give your family a helping hand at a difficult time by paying for your funeral
  • Protects against rising funeral costs


50 to 79 


  • Protects against rising funeral costs  
  • Covers the cost of a cremation funeral, provided through Dignity
  • You choose the amount up to £20,000
  • Life cover
  • Index linked benefit
  • Guaranteed acceptability
  • No medical or health questions
  • No medical
  • No contact with your doctor
  • Accidental death cover only for first 24 months
  • Guaranteed premium
  • If you die within the first two years of your plan all the premiums you have paid will be returned

Not covered

  • Taking part in a dangerous sport or pastime
  • Taking part in an aerial flight, other than a licensed airline as a fee paying passenger
  • Committing, attempting or provoking an assault or criminal offenc


Depending on how long you live you may pay in more than the cash lump sum paid out.

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