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50 Plus Select: Funeral plans plan from Golden Charter

  • Taking a decision to plan for your funeral now and providing for its costs in advance allows you to get on with living your life to the full, without having to worry about the future
  • The most popular plan option that includes a superior coffin, one limousine and out of hours service, providing a little extra support for your family
  • With the cost of funerals rising all the time, this plan provides peace of mind that you’ve taken care of the arrangements and paid in advance for the funeral director’s services


  • Anyone - regardless of age or state of health 


  • The funeral director's services
  • Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements
  • Advice on the certification and registration of death and related documentation
  • A superior coffin
  • Local conveyance of the deceased from the place of death within mainland UK to a suitable resting place within 15 miles, outside normal office hours
  • Care of the deceased prior to burial or cremation
  • Hearse to a local cemetery or crematorium
  • Use of a chapel of rest or rest rooms or service rooms
  • An allowance for third party costs such as crematorium fees, doctors' and clergy fees
  • One limousine
  • Family viewing


  • Cremation or burial where locally available (burial costs are not guaranteed)

Not covered

  • Listing of floral tributes

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