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Set Burial Plan - Gold: Funeral plans plan from Co-operative Funeralcare

  • Guarantees the costs of a burial
  • The cost of a grave is not included in the plan


  • People who only want a burial
  • Can be purchased for you, a relative, dependent or close friend


  • Everything included is fully guaranteed, so no matter how much prices may rise there will be no more to pay for these items
  • Acceptance is guaranteed, with no medical or health questions
  • Your personal wishes can be recorded, such as choice of hymns or music
  • Fully transferable across network of 1100 Co-operative owned funeral homes in the UK
  • Your family may add any personal touches to the arrangements at the time of the funeral
  • Legal advice
  • Funeral director fees and services
  • Funeral service and arrangements
  • Hearse and personnel
  • 24 hour transfer of deceased to suitable resting place in UK, within a fifty-mile radius
  • Care preparation and embalming
  • Arranging the funeral service
  • Funeral procession from home/funeral home/church to churchyard/graveyard/cemetery
  • Family support and assistance by funeral director
  • Visit to chapel of rest during office hours
  • Bereavement assistance from professional organizations
  • Charges of gravedigger, minister and officiant
  • Burial or interment fee
  • Church service fee
  • Lined and fitted maple or cherry effect coffin
  • Two limousines

Not covered

  • Grave
Funeral plans