Legal advice for patients

If you have exhausted all the remedies offered by your hospital and are looking for a lawyer, then our recommendation here is that you work only with a solicitor or UK law firm that specialises in advising clients on issues arising out of healthcare litigation or has expertise in the healthcare sector.

You may not need to take any legal action at all, and your issue may be easily resolved via a conversation or through clear correspondence. However only an experienced solicitor will be able to establish this. 

Law firms in the health and medical sector

Anthony Gold Solicitors
Anthony Gold Solicitors are an award-winning firm of solicitors who are known for dealing with a wide range of legal areas, including the cross over between medical and legal. Their expert lawyers have successfully helped many patients when medical treatment has unfortunately gone wrong. The legal team assigned to you will deal with your case with compassion, sensitivity and dedication. Often these initial conversations are free of charge and are designed to explore the issues and solutions.
If you do want to have a free confidential chat then contact our team on 0207 940 4060 to set this up with Dr Jock Mackenzie, who is both a doctor and a solicitor so he is the perfect person to speak with.


Medical experts

The medical experts on our site are consultants and specialists who are experienced in reviewing medico-legal cases and providing expert opinion on health and medical issues and claims.



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Guide to going private

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