Pointless bureaucracy

Why does my insurance company - Health On Line (HOL) - require that my highly qualified and very experienced optometrist need to refer me via my “General Practitioner” to a consultant eye surgeon for routine cataract surgery? When I asked HOL why my optometrist couldn't refer me directly to the consultant, I was told that it was the "system".

What, apart from delay, is introducing the GP into the loop adding to the quality of my care? Needless to say I wasn’t required to visit my GP before the referral letter was sent to a different consultant

How can AXA (HOL's parent company) have both the clinic and the surgeon recommended by my optometrist on their "approved" list, while HOL “approves” only the surgeon?

Now I have gone through the ritual dance of my optometrist writing to my GP and my being referred to another specialist/hospital (both approved by HOL) another month has elapsed!

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