Private gynaecology

I am wondering if it would be worth booking a private examination. This is possibly TMI, but I'm sharing it in case anyone has experience of finding medical care for similar, I experience pelvic pain, irregular and heavy cycles and have a history of obstetrics difficulties (miscarriage and babies in transverse lie requiring c-sections) steaming from a dip or misshapen uterus. Birth control is the only solution I am being offered by my Dr but this is not acceptable to me for religious reasons, and also it would only mask the symptoms and would not deal with the underlying cause or the chronic pain.
My Doctor says that my symptoms can be normal for some women and it's just a case of managing the symptoms. Perhaps this is so, I would not want to waste time and money if the private Doctors tend to take the same symptom management approach. So my question is how likely would a private Dr be to take the approach of managing symptoms rather than finding and treating the cause?

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