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About Clifton Park Hospital

Clifton Park Hospital in North Yorkshire is a modern, purpose built in-patient hospital run by Ramsay Healthcare. The Hospital is state-of-the-art with 24 beds, two operation theatres, a day case unit and a large out patients department with x-ray facilities. Their team of skilled specialists are experienced in performing a variety of orthopaedic procedures including, hip replacements, knee replacements, cruciate ligament repairs, shoulder, elbow and spinal surgery.

Hospital facilities

The hospital features the latest in top of the range diagnostic equipment including; MRI, ultrasound and X-ray machines. The centre includes five consulting/examination rooms and two spacious operating theatres equipped with some of the most modern equipment to undertake a range of operations. There is also an in house decontamination facility within the centre to ensure hygiene levels are at a premium.

The centre also has on-site physiotherapy facilities, including a small, well equipped modern gym area, designed to help patients to regain their strength after surgery.

The hospital has plenty of parking available and all spaces are close to the entrance providing same level access. If a wheelchair is required within the centre, the hospital are happy to provide one.

Treatments provided

Clifton Park Hospital is able to provide a full range of orthopaedic treatments for a number of conditions. Their expert consultants will offer you a one-to-one consultation where they will work out a tailed treatment plan based on your individual circumstances. Treatments available:

  • Hip replacements
  • Hip resurfacing surgery
  • Ankle replacements
  • Knee replacements
  • Shoulder replacements
  • Ankle, shoulder and knee arthroscopies
  • Cruciate ligament repair
  • Spinal surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery

The centre has excellent levels of hygiene, so all patients who undergo surgery at Clifton Park Hospital are screened for MRSA prior to their procedure to support their “MRSA Bacteraemia free” status.

Ramsay Health Care UK

Ramsay Health Care UK (formerly Capio) is one of the leading providers of independent hospital services in England, with a network of acute hospitals. These provide a wide and comprehensive range of specialised and efficient clinical specialties.

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Private doctors that work at Clifton Park Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK

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Ways to pay for private treatment at Clifton Park Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK

Clifton Park Hospital welcomes both patients that have private medical insurance and those that wish to pay independently.

Self pay

Patients can either pay for the treatment in full at the beginning, or pay a deposit and pay the remaining once the treatment has been completed.

Insured patients

Insured patients are required to check with their insurance provider if they are covered for the chosen treatment. Patients should also request a claim form or pre-authorisation letter from their insurer.

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