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About Veincentre Ltd

Veincentre Ltd specialises solely in minimally invasive vein treatments.  The Consultant Vascular Specialists at Veincentre have performed over 40,000 successful procedures for varicose veins and never need to resort to surgery and general anaesthetic.

So confident are they that they can successfully manage all types of varicose veins without surgery that they offer a same day consultation and varicose vein treatment service.  You can be assessed, treated and back on the train in less than two hours!

Veincentre values

Honesty | Safety | Effectiveness | Efficiency | Respect | Value for money

No need for surgery

Veincentre manage all patients without surgery. This has the following distinct advantages.

  • No general anaesthesia
  • Immediate return to work and sport
  • No cuts or scars
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Very low recurrence rates
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Few complications

Experienced specialists

Veincentre was the first private clinic in the UK set up specifically to provide Endovenous Laser Ablation of varicose veins (EVLA/EVLT).  They treat nothing but veins unlike many clinics which have added vein treatments to their minor cosmetic menus.  They have successfully treated 99% of patients without surgery despite many having being told that it's their only option.

The Veincentre Consultants are experienced Vascular Specialists and have been specifically trained the Veincentre way.  The Medical Director, Dr David West, is a leading authority in this field and trains doctors from all over Europe and beyond.  He is much in demand as a lecturer and runs training workshops at premier UK and European vascular conferences.  He has written several chapters on varicose vein management in major textbooks.

Quality treatment

Some patients can be managed successfully using EVLA alone. Many require foam sclerotherapy in addition, and there are some who need more specialised procedures such as embolisation and RF ablation of perforators. It is only by offering, having experience of and having the facilities to undertake, the whole range of non-surgical vein treatments that every patient can avoid surgery and general anaesthetic. Many clinics don’t have a full range of facilities and expertise and will offer EVLA or VNUS to some patients, but still resort to surgery in up to a third of patients.


Care Quality Commission: All Veincentre’s systems and processes have undergone rigorous assessment


Varicose vein treatment in Liverpool

Veincentre Liverpool is located within the Pall Mall Medical Centre on St Paul’s Square, a short walk from Liverpool One, Albert Dock and the city centre shopping district. The treatment team is led by vascular specialist, Dr Previn Diwakar.

Veincentre has 10 clinics across the UK. They are all conveniently located, high quality establishments with fantastic reputations for patient care and satisfaction.  Due to Veincentre's reputation and unrivalled prices, patients have travelled from all over the UK, Europe and even as far as Australia.

View patient reviews for the Liverpool clinic in addition to Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxfordshire, Southampton and Stoke-on-Trent.

Low cost

Veincentre is proud to be not only one of the busiest, most experienced and most respected vein clinics in the UK, but also the cheapest. They keep costs down through high throughput, efficient working practices and high volume discounts on consumable purchasing. Quality does not have to cost the earth.

Facilities and services

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Patients' Choice Award Winner 2019

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Treatments available at Veincentre Ltd: Liverpool

Veincentre Ltd specialises solely in minimally invasive vein treatments. All treatments offered are recommended by NICE (NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH AND CARE EXCELLENCE).

Consultation incl. Colour Duplex Ultrasound Scan of both legs - £250

All Consultations at Veincentre are with Consultant Vascular Specialists.

During the consultation, the consultant will perform a Colour Duplex Ultrasound Scan of both your legs, discuss with you directly the results of the scan, and give you a firm and costed proposed treatment plan.

The main treatments available at Veincentre in Liverpool are:

Appointment Type


Consultation (including colour duplex ultrasound scan)


            Consultation and EVLA treatment are available on the same day*

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA/EVLT) (one leg) 


Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA/EVLT) (both legs)


Foam Sclerotherapy injections as Primary Treatment

(+ £60 stockings)


Microsclerotherapy injections as Primary Treatment

(+ £60 stockings)



*Dependent on your suitability, please enquire. 


Detailed information about the modern varicose vein treatments offered at Veincentre including upfront and fixed prices can be found at


More information at:

People that work at Veincentre Ltd: Liverpool

The Veincentre consultants are experienced vascular specialists and have been specifically trained the Veincentre way.

More information at:

Ways to pay for private treatment at Veincentre Ltd: Liverpool

As well as self-pay patients, Veincentre is recognized by all major private medical insurance companies.

Veincentre offers competitive prices and are (like John Lewis) never undersold! One of Veincentre’s key values is Value for Money: To charge reasonable rates and have no hidden and unexpected charges. To provide low cost credit facilities for those who request them. 

At a time when the NHS severely restricts access to vein treatment, Veincentre’s aim is to provide the best possible treatment to the greatest number of patients and keeping their prices low is key to this.

Self pay

An Initial Consultation with one of our Consultant Vascular Specialists costs £250 and includes a Colour Duplex Ultrasound Scan of your legs (for which other clinics charge up to £400).

During your consultation the consultant will:

  • Perform a colour duplex ultrasound scan of both legs which will determine the underlying cause of your varicose veins (i.e. whether you have any faulty valves in your legs)
  • Discuss with you directly the results of the scan and the treatment options you have.
  • Provide you with a firm and costed proposed treatment plan.

Deposits are required on booking any appointment. Payment in full is due before or on the day of appointment.

Credit facilities are available.

Insured patients

Veincentre is recognised by all major health insurers. Authorisation from the insurance company is required prior to your appointment.

A full list of the insurance companies that Veincentre deals with are:

    Simply Health
    Bupa International
    Health Now

Contact Veincentre Ltd: Liverpool

5 St Paul’s Square
L3 9SJ

Patient advisers: 01782 753 960
Tel for appointments: 01782 753 960

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