Mark Whiteley
Mark Whiteley

Consultant Venous Surgeon and Consultant Phlebologist

London, Guildford and Bristol

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Patients can leave a recommendation for Professor Mark Whiteley by clicking the link on the right of this page. Some testimonials from his website can viewed below:

"I am writing to thank Prof Whiteley and his team for their expert care and treatment.

I had laser treatment in 2017 followed by foam sclerotherapy on 15th-16th of February this year.

The prof, Rachel and Amanda do an amazing job in a friendly atmosphere. I am absolutely thrilled with the result."

Bristol Clinic, 2018

"I have had problems with my varicose veins since my late teens which caused me both cosmetic and medical problems. I underwent basic ‘stripping’ on the NHS when I was 21 but this failed to resolve the problems I was experiencing and left me with some rather unsightly scarring.

I managed the symptoms thereafter with a combination of support hosiery, elevating my legs when tired, eating well and exercising regularly. These steps merely brought short term relief.

The appearance of my legs and the symptoms worsened significantly after 3 pregnancies and I sometimes found the itching, throbbing and heaviness in my legs unbearable. I avoided wearing any clothing which revealed my legs – so shorts and skirts were out. Once I had lost the pregnancy weight and ‘reclaimed’ my body I wanted to get back in shape and I figured that I owed it to myself to have one more attempt at trying to improve the situation with my legs. I was sick of feeling so self-conscious of them and keeping them wrapped up even on the hottest of days (when the itching and throbbing was generally at its worse). I therefore arranged to have another stripping procedure done, this time on a private basis.

Initially, when the bandages came off I was encouraged by the results but it soon became clear that there was yet more scarring. I then developed a hydrocele in the left groin which had to be surgically removed and left me with a permanent, ugly indentation at the top of my thigh. The only option left to me seemed to be to accept the situation – that this was a problem I was just going to have to live with and that I should simply be grateful that I had 2 functioning legs that would get me from A to B – this is what I did, at least until I eventually came across an article on the Whitely Clinic.

I decided to make an appointment to have an initial scan and consultation with Professor Whiteley and it was whilst I was sitting in the consultation room after that initial scan that I really felt for the first time that someone was taking my problems seriously. He explained in very clear terms what could be done to help me and that he was confident that he could improve the appearance and symptoms. I was especially interested to learn that I appeared to have pelvic varocities which would need to be dealt with first before any procedures on my legs – that seemed to make perfect sense to me – namely that the root of the leg problem lay higher up in the pelvis and whatever you did to the legs would be largely futile until the problem higher in the pelvis was resolved.

I subsequently underwent a PVE procedure to deal with the veins in the pelvis followed by Sclerotherapy and Microsclerotherapy. Initially I was cautious, given the history of previous procedures. I was worried that I would be the one it wouldn’t work for. However, I am pleased to report that both the appearance and symptoms in my legs have improved significantly.

I no longer have a thick blue lumpy vein that snakes down the inside of my leg, the other blue veins which wrapped around the front of my left shin have disappeared and apart from a few minor thread veins (which I don’t mind) the appearance has massively improved.

The other aspect which I am delighted about is the fact that my legs finally feel as though they ‘belong’ to me. They are no longer heavy, throbbing and itchy and I now walk with a spring in my step. On a recent shopping trip with my daughter I no longer felt as though I had to keep sitting down to rest my legs.

I am so grateful to Professor Whiteley and his team for giving my legs a new lease of life and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Mark is generous with his time and knowledge and I urge anyone who has been plagued by Varicose Veins to give the clinic a call and find out what they can do to help."

Linda Hardwick, May 2018

"Whiteley Clinics have truly saved my life and I can’t thank each and every one of them enough! At 48 I was told by the NHS and a local private hospital that they couldn’t treat my post thrombotic leg following a major deep vein thrombosis. I was left with severe leg swelling and pain with my leg close to ulceration. My first scans with Judy Holdstock highlighted treatment was available and Professor Whiteley and his amazing team carried out laser surgery on my badly damaged great saphenous vein. 12 weeks post surgery I’m back at work full time, playing the sport I love (tennis) and I’m able to go on very long walks. Without The Whiteley Teams great work none of this would have been possible and I’m eternally grateful that I found them. It’s the best money we’ve ever spent and the whole team really care about you as an individual and are so passionate about what they do that you will not be able to find a better clinic for treatment!"

Rod Stacey, May 2017

"Whiteley Clinics has done amazing work on my Venous condition in my left leg.

The prevention of a possible future complication with my leg has been of paramount concern for me so I’m very grateful to Professor Whiteley and his wonderful staff for treating me with this important procedure. I felt comfortable and relaxed, amongst such a warm and friendly environment.

So, it is with heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I leave this testimonial."

Chin Clement, April 2017

"I cannot speak highly enough of not only Professor Whitley, but Amanda, Rachel, and the rest of the team. Having suffered with varicose veins from my late teenage years, I had initially come to terms with the fact that I might not have ‘normal’ legs again. However, the level of professionalism, service, and human kindness that was provided to me by anyone I came into contact with at the clinic was exceptional. The assessment and procedure was extremely thorough, with minimal to no pain at all, and I was made to feel welcome and comfortable at all stages of my treatment. For anyone who I looking to seek treatment for varicose veins, I highly recommend the team at The Whitely Clinic."

Daniel Foster (31 years old), March 2017

"My doctor referred me to you for treatment as I had a problem with varicose veins in both legs. From my first appointment through to the vascular surgery then foam sclerotherapy and the final check up, I have always felt so well cared for by you and all your staff. I was very nervous and do not like needles but everyone – especially Amanda who held my hand throughout the procedure and Rachel who showed me how to put the surgical stockings on – was so helpful. Will you please pass on my grateful thanks to everyone who was involved in my care."

February 2017

"Just wanted to write a quick email to say a huge thank you to you all for my treatment last week and before.

It’s all early days yet but I looked down at my legs tonight and for the first time in over fifteen years I didn’t feel utterly repulsed. I actually might buy a swimming costume this summer (heaven help us) and wear clothes that aren’t solely based on coverage."

January 2017


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