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Sally Cubbin

Consultant Psychiatrist

, Oxfordshire

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Recommendations and patient stories for Sally Cubbin

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I highly recommend Dr. Cubbin to anyone seeking an assessment for adult ADHD, Dr Cubbin was incredibly professional and was easy to speak to and open up to, she allowed me to ask plenty of questions about my diagnosis and spoke to me about my concerns with medication, she is such a genuine Doctor, I’m so happy with how she helped me!

by mollybrooks, Sep 2019

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Dr Cubbin provided a very thorough and in-depth analysis whilst being incredibly easy to speak to. Dr. Cubbin was also very pragmatic in trialling and selecting the right medication for me. I feel very lucky and relieved that we got an effective medication without any negative side effects, first time round. I also trust that this is due to her experience. I highly recommend Dr. Cubbin to anyone who suspects they may have ADHD. What might have been a longwinded and scary experience has been a real positive turning point in my life!

by mikepalmi, May 2019

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Dr Cubbin provides both a wealth of experience but also is accessible and works with me in the management of my ongoing needs. This has included liaising with my new GP practice and being open about trialing different medication. Dr Cubbin manages to reassure me and provide a level of service that makes me feel valued.

by phazedout, March 2019

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I highly recommend Dr. Cubbin to anyone seeking an assessment for adult ADHD. This process has marked a major breakthrough and turning point in my life. Before assessment I felt as though I was slowly drowning - running out of new things to try in order to make progress, focus, and keep on top of everything in my life. But Dr. Cubbin listened to me, took me seriously, and helped me understand that I'm not crazy, but suffering from highly treatable neurobiological condition. She is remarkably patient and easy to talk to, and comes across as very understanding and non-judgemental. No doubt this is because she has helped so many people before me and clearly has a very deep insight into the particular struggles of adults with ADHD. I can once again look forward to the future.

by AJBMiles, Oct 2018

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I highly recommend dr Sally Cubbin to anyone who would like to be screened for ADHD. Dr Cubbin has got a wealth of experience. I remember the day of my first appointment. That visit was a breakthrough moment of my life. Dr Cubbin listened to my story and was very supportive. The diagnosis of ADHD was made. Dr Cubbin prescribed me a treatment. It usually takes a few weeIt usually takes a few weeks to find the most suitable drug and dose. That was the case with me too- all under close supervision of dr Cubbin. There is no cure for ADHD. The symptoms are controlled with drugs that need to be taken daily. However the improvement is noticeable. If you think you may suffer from ADHD do not hesitate to contact Dr Sally Cubbin, who is an expert. She will asses you in a non-judgmental way.

by MariaNS, May 2018

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It's unbelievable how much this has helped me with my life. I met with Dr. Cubbin at the Priory well-being centre to get diagnosed. Dr. Cubbin was professional and listened carefully to every problem that I had. Before going in, I was very nervous, but the staff were kind and friendly, which provided me with a very friendly atmosphere. They are very quick at replying with emails, and very supportive, even after you have been diagnosed. It's hard to understand ADHD, but Dr. Cubbin was there for me every step of the way, from offering advice on dealing with different problems of ADHD, to scheduled phone calls to check up on my medication. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cubbin to anyone who is struggling with ADHD and needs a diagnosis.

by Up787666, March 2018

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I can throughly recommend Dr. Cubbins, she probably helped save my sons life. He was diagnosed with ADHD as a child but never got the help he needed unless we fought for him in school and at CAMHs. When he reached adulthood the Southampton mental health team refused to help him because there words”they weren’t commissioned to help him because he hadADHD.” So I had another battle to fight. They saw him but didn’t help much, even when he tried to commit suicide, they wouldn’t come out and visit even when I asked them. And he had been at A and E. Life has been difficult and the system didn’t help. But eventually got a referral to Dr. Cubbins by his GP and she helped him. Thank you to her. He can communicate better,concentrate better. I mentioned all this because help is available.

by sarah lamont, Feb 2018

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I felt Dr Cubbin was approachable, friendly and listened to me during the assessment process which was really thorough. I can honestly say that since getting clarification and the right diagnosis I can’t underestimate how this has helped me. She arranged follow ups with me to check how medication was helping which was really useful as well as signposting me to useful resources. I feel she was extremely knowledgeable around adult ADHD and I felt there was no judgement during our conversation and I felt she understood my difficulties as they were and did not minimise the impact on my life. Thank you.

by HCC45, Feb 2018

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Having had a diagnosis of ADHD for my son we hoping to pursue this further thru the NHS to obtain medical treatment but as we were under some time pressure (my son is currently in his Final Year at University), we decided to look for help in the Private Sector. Dr Cubbin was recommended by the NHS Consultant who gave our son his diagnosis and she responded swiftly to our request and handled the initial consultations very sensitively. We are at an early stage with the drugs Dr Cubbin has recommended; indeed we have already moved on from her initial recommendation, so we are are not yet totally convinced of the benefits but we would have confidence in Dr Cubbin should we decide that we need to review the diagnosis again.

by markstevens, Dec 2018

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I was worried about not being taken seriously as an adult requesting an assessment for ADHD for the first time at age 37! I needn't have worried. Dr Cubbin was warm and welcoming and obviously an expert in her field. The assessment was very thorough, with interviews with my fiancé and mother. Diagnosis was confirmed at the assessment and medication recommended and explained in full. 5 weeks on and I can't believe the difference. For the first time in years, I feel I am actually coping with life, my moods are more stable and I am 'on top' of things at home and at work! I have had regular follow up calls with Dr Cubbin in the weeks following my appointment and the report provided to my GP was very detailed. As such, my GP had no issue continuing with the medication recommended. Thank you!

by missmarmite, Dec 2018

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I found Dr Cubbin by chance and I am SO glad I did. She has the perfect persona for dealing with people with ADHD. She listens, is non-judgemental and is easy to talk to. At the end of my first consultation (which consisted of me doing some questionnaires followed by an in-depth discussion), she diagnosed me with ADHD. Dr Cubbin then talked me through my options. Her approach seems to be to work in collaboration with her patients; I’ve never felt awkward when talking to her. I’ve been a patient of Dr Cubbin’s for six years now and I am so grateful that I found her. I can honestly say that she has made a big difference to my life. I was lucky when I selected her from the internet, so it is good to be able to comment here in case someone is looking for help and is unsure of who to see.

by HW, Dec 2018

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I have been under the care of Dr Cubbin for over two years now, and from my initial assessment, through to ongoing reviews and CBT, have found Dr Cubbin and her practice team both caring and efficient, and incredibly responsive. I have felt involved and part of my care from the get-go, and cannot thank them all enough for the vast difference their support has made to my wellbeing. I was fortunate to be seen by Dr Cubbin under the NHS, and am now being taken on by another service due to a move, but I would not hesitate one moment to return to her care should I come back to the area.

by up729701, July 2017

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Dr Sally Cubbin changed the trajectory of my life for the better. I visited her at the priory and i was diagnosed with ADHD. It's hard to describe how much she's helped through starting me on the treatment. The best way i can describe it is; Before starting treatment my career goals were "don't get fired". Now i look forward to the future, and all the things i could be and do in my work life. I hope this review helps anyone experiencing undiagnosed ADHD find treatment.

by upduck, July 2017

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MBChB, MRCPsych, MSc, DipCBT

Qualified in 1993 in United Kingdom

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  • General Medical Council (GMC)

    Registration no.: 4009027
    Date of registration: 01-Aug-1994

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