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Dr Harsha Bilolikar

Consultant Paediatrician

, Northamptonshire

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Harsha Bilolikar: Consultant Paediatrician in Northamptonshire

Harsha Bilolikar is Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Director at Ketting General Hospital with a special interest in allergy and respiratory conditions. He provides private investigation and treatment for a range of conditions affecting children, including eczema, asthma and hayfever.

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Training and experience

Dr Harsha Bilolikar is a Consultant Paediatrician who undertook his undergraduate medical training (MBBS) in Pune, India. He completed specialist training in Pune (MD Paediatrics) and subsequently worked as a Lecturer in Paediatrics at B J Medical College, Pune.

On moving to the UK, he did further post-graduate training in paediatrics and neonatology leading to MRCPCH and CCST (completion of specialist training). Higher specialist training during this time was at a number of hospitals in London: Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Royal Brompton Hospital and St Mary’s. He also studied for an MSc from University College, London.

He has been a Consultant Paediatrician since 2001, and he developed a paediatric allergy and asthma service from scratch at Kettering General Hospital in Northamptonshire. He undertook further training in allergy at the University of Southampton doing a postgraduate course in allergy while working as a Consultant Paediatrician.

Currently, he is Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Director at Kettering General Hospital with special interest in allergy and respiratory conditions. He is one of the consultants providing neonatal care along with general paediatrics looking after a wide range of medical conditions. He is lead for tuberculosis for children in this area and also provides endocrine and nephrology service working with specialists in this area.

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Dr Bilolikar provides assessment, investigations, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up for infants and children of all ages (0-19) for a range of conditions. Skin Prick and other Allergy tests and treatments are provided. When indicated other specialist investigations such as EEG, MRI, CT scans, echocardiography, ECG, endoscopies and biopsies will be arranged and where indicated further subspecialist referral arranged.

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Conditions treated

  • Allergies such as eczema, hay fever and food allergies (cow’s milk intolerance, nut allergy, etc). Investigations – skin prick and other allergy tests done and treatment provided. Assessment for oral desensitisation for grass pollen allergy provided where indicated
  • Respiratory problems including asthma and frequent chest infections
  • Gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, chronic diarrhoea,  coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel disorders
  • Epilepsy and other neurological conditions
  • Growth and endocrine conditions such as hypothyroidism, delayed puberty and short stature
  • Infant Nutrition such as cow milk protein intolerance
  • Renal conditions such as urinary tract infections, bed wetting and other
  • Neonatology
  • Heart murmur and cardiac conditions
  • General paediatrics

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Research interests

  • Dr Bilolikar has published on asthma and other paediatric conditions.
  • He was previously a local Principal Investigator for ADEPT (new born feeding) and assisted in recruiting for WAIT trial in Asthma
  • He is currently local Principal Investigator for PREDNOS 1 & 2 (nephrotic syndrome) and EUROPAIN
  • Training programme director for the East Midlands South School of Paediatrics


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Professional details



Qualified in 1984 in India

Registrations and licensing

  • General Medical Council (GMC)

    Registration no.: 4340283
    Date of registration: 31-Jul-1996

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Memberships and associations

Dr Harsha Bilolikar is a member of the following professional associations and organisations...

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