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Gunaratnam Shyamalan (Shyam)

Consultant Hand, Wrist, Elbow & Nerve Surgeon

, Solihull, West Midlands

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Recommendations and patient stories for Gunaratnam Shyamalan (Shyam)

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Delighted with the results of my finger operation. No visible scar. Excellent patient care from start to finish. Thank you!

by F.B. 1.01.19. Finger Surgery

Fantastic Service. Exceptionally pleased with end result

by A.O. 1.01.19. Biltateral Carpal Surgery

I am a violinist and was unable to play for several months. With the excellent treatment I received from Mr Shyamalan. I am now fully recovered and able to play again. Thank you

by C.R. 1.11.18. Hand Surgery

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Very pleased with outcome so far. Don’t expect full return to bearing weight for another few weeks but pain has completely gone

by K.D. 1.10.18 Trapeziectomy and Suspension at 6 weeks

Shyam is such a good consultant, really friendly, really gets to know you and what you need

Shyam Testimonial - Phil

Excellent result!

by KB 9.02.17

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I have nothing but praise for the way I have been treated by all. Prompt attention with excellent outcome. Thank you all.

by CF 9.02.17

Cubital tunnel release (elbow procedure) - I saw Mr Shyamalan after noticing numbness in my left hand and no muscle power. The surgery went very well and within days of the procedure I felt all the feeling come back as well as rejuvenated muscle power. I would like to thank Mr Shyamalan and all the staff for my treatment and my recovery.

by CA 06.02.17

I've been more than pleased with my experience at Little Aston. The staff are lovely. My operation was with Mr Shyamalan. Not only is he a lovely man, he is a brilliant surgeon. I am very pleased with the outcome of my operation

by GD 18.01.17

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The whole process from consultation to operation was fantastic. The care all the way through was excellent.

by RS 18.01.17

Great care from start to finish. Mr Shyamalan made me feel really relaxed and taken care of. Physio sessions were arranged very quickly following recovery and I'm really pleased with how unnoticeable my scar is! Thank You!

by NI 12.01.17

I recently had an operation on my left wrist to remove a ganglion which was causing some discomfort when I was at work and whilst riding my bike. The whole procedure that I underwent from start to finish was fantastic and the service that was provided by all of the staff was second to none. I would like to thank Mr Shyamalan and every staff member that I encountered throughout the procedure.

by JW 05.01.17

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I am extremely pleased with the result of my operation. I can now move my finger freely as before. I would thoroughly recommend the treatment I have received.

by DF 05.01.17

I am most satisfied with my treatment, and the resulting improvement in my condition. Mr Shyamalan was able to identify the problem, and carry out the necessary, for which he has my thanks.

by DP 05.01.17

From the first time I met Mr Gunaratnam I felt totally at ease, he is personable, friendly and without a doubt extremely highly skilled in his arena of expertise, his diagnosis was through and accurate and he offered a range of treatment options talking and counselling me through the risks and long term prognosis with each, he did not rush me to make a decision at anytime and took my home life and work into account , we decided upon a treatment route together by holistically looking at my lifestyle. On the day of the procedure he was there every step of the way coming to see in prior to the surgery to offer support and relax me. Upon discharge exactly the same . Post operatively we were in regular communication and I had several follow up appointments. I had surgery 4 weeks ago and you can barely see the scar , he did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan. He is a perfect example of why I choose the private sector for my treatment.

by CK 13.12.16

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I had a cyst removed at the Spire Clinic Worcester. It went very well indeed, the surgery was first class and totally pain free! The incision has healed completely and I didn't even have to take a single painkiller. The staff were professional and first rate.

by MS 8.12.16

Absolutely amazed at such good treatment. Comfort at every part of the operation and care. I will not hesitate to return if necessary.

by AE 8.12.16

I was very happy with the treatment I received from Mr G Shyamalan. Cannot believe how quickly the injection worked.

by SC 1.12.16

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I would like to say that my experience at spire parkway hospital was excellent. Right through from diagnosis to wrist keyhole surgery i felt positive and relaxed. Once my diagnosis was confirmed it was a very short time before i was invited for surgery. Everyone on the day were more than happy to help and put me at total ease. The aftercare when i came out of surgery was also excellent. I would absolutely recommend Mr Shyamalan (Shyam) to anyone who is suffering with hand and wrist problems. I would also like to say that the physiotherapist i am currently seeing is very caring and helpful. I am feeling much better and cannot thank everyone enough.

by CC 28.11.16

Surgery was very prompt and was made to feel very at ease. Whole process was slick and efficient. recovering well and happy.

by KG 20.10.16

After Carpal Tunnel Surgery on 26.9.16 - my whole experience through the spire clinic was excellent. I fully recommend it.

by JA 20.10.16

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Thank you very much for all your help. You are a smashing person and will recommend you to anyone.

by DP 3.11.16

The best thing I did after months of pain and sleepless nights. It all went away after surgery. Dr Shyamalan was excellent and had a great bed side manner.

by CT 20.10.16

I am very happy with the operation. The outcome and the following up was very good . The staff at the Spire at Bath road were brilliant.

by KM 22.9.16

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Thank you for the surgery on my hand, which has transformed my hand function. Prior to surgery 13 days ago, I was woken at night with severe paresthesia, which following the decompression has completely disappeared. I am also able to write again, as I'm doing now, whereas previously I could write only a few words in comfort due to loss of sensation and tingling in my right hand. I am also a pianist, and am looking forward to being able to play in comfort. The whole experience has been excellent, so many thanks to you and your team.

by KH 8.9.16

I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. (6 weeks ago). The surgery was a painless experience and would recommend having both hands done together. I no longer have sleepless nights with painful hands and arms. I am returning to work on Monday. Thank you Mr Shyamalan.

by JE 1.9.16

I am extremely happy with the service I received from start to end. The building at Spire Droitwich was very comfortable and not the normal busy hospital which is unnerving. My consultant was ready to see me on time which is unheard of for the NHS. If I could afford to go private for each treatment needed at hospital based on this visit I would. Fantastic service.

by KD 1.9.16

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I had both hands done simultaneously with a marvellous result. Many thanks for the service.

by BA 20.10.16

Surgery was very prompt and I was made to feel very at ease. Whole process was smooth and efficient. Recovering well and happy.

by KG 20.10.16

Great advice and very happy with care received. Came to see Mr S with severe nerve damage to my arms, this was quickly diagnosed and resolved, many thanks.

by AA 19.10.16

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I was suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome with numbness, pins and needles and pain. Since having the operation I have got all sensation and feeling back in my fingers. The operation was only six weeks ago but I'm fully recovered thanks to an excellent surgeon and the aftercare.

by BR 11.10.16

Thanks for the speedy diagnosis to completion of carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. This was a great relief immediately and all involved looked after me very well ensuring a speedy recovery.

by LB 4.10.16

The care was excellent. Surgeon second to none. I was well advised and glad that I had the surgery. Mr Shyamalan was very caring and a jolly man. I would not hesitate to return if I needed further surgery.

by SM 4.10.16

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I came seeking help desperate for use of my left hand after 12 months of pain and discomfort from a previous operation in Birmingham to attempt a repair on my nerves to my thumb and finger. The Spire clinic is in my opinion the best thing since sliced bread. After speaking to Mr Shyamalan he explained a procedure he could perform to put my hand back to normal. After the operation in just two weeks I could feel a massive difference. 6 weeks after I am using my my left hand in a normal manner. I am so happy with the result and the Spire hospital/ Clinic are so professional. In short brilliant, professional, caring. Exactly what it says on the label!

by RF 21.7.16

Informative professional outstanding. Fantastic outcome from a great chap.

by TB 15.7.16

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Gunaratnam Shyamalan (Shyam) is an accredited consultant for the following hospitals, clinics and groups...

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British Hand Diploma, FRCS Trauma & Orthopaedics, MRCS England, MBBS, BSc Orthopaedic Science

Qualified in 1999

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  • General Medical Council (GMC)

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