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Dipak N Parmar

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

, Essex and Harrow

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Recommendations and patient stories for Dipak N Parmar

Here are the latest reviews and recommendations for Dipak N Parmar

"I simply cannot thank you enough. You have totally changed my life. I can see perfectly.... distance and close up, it’s absolutely amazing. You’re wonderful .... my envious friends are already taking the steps to see you themselves."

CP, Essex

"We could not be more happy with the way Dr Parmar treated our elderly mother for cataract removal, his patience and attention to detail with our elderly mum who suffers from Dementia, diabetes and asthma, his loving care and support, was second to none. We can not speak more highly of the treatment she received at his hands and would highly recommend Dr Parmar to anybody else in the fields he specialises in."

Mr S Sharma

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"5 years ago I had Lasik laser surgery which gave me excellent distance vision, but I still needed glasses for reading. 10 years later, 'monovision' laser surgery removed my need for glasses. Then I started to experience problems with reading and concentration, and found I was developing cataracts! Mr Parmar recommended monofocal lens replacement to give me what I had before. No need for glasses! My surgery turned out to be more complex than expected, but 2 weeks in, and while my vision will not be 100% for a few weeks yet, I am pleased to say my follow-up consultation with Parmar has shown that I will have 20/20 vision (at least)... WITHOUT GLASSES! I am delighted with the outcome, and cannot praise Mr Parmar highly enough for his professionalism, skill, and patient care."

Lou Valdini

"Mr Parmar made me feel very comfortable and easy from the start. He explained my condition thoroughly and exactly what the procedure to remedy would entail. The cataract procedure went extremely well and the result exceeded my expectations. I can't thank Mr Parmar enough and would recommend him wholeheartedly."

Mr B Brett

"As a slightly nervous patient having a surgeon fit new lenses in my eyes was a big deal for me. Dr Parmar instantly eased any concerns I had and make the entire process much more comfortable. His communication with my family was second to none and the relationship that he's built with them made all the difference. A fantastic Doctor, and awesome surgeon and a wonderful person. He fought really hard to get a new special trifocal lens fitted in both of my eyes and the results have been incredible. The lenses are incredible and have given me 20/20 vision and they were all down to the recommendations Dr Parmar made. I work with closely with colours and they are now so vivid. I thoroughly recommend Dr Parmar to any patient with trouble with their vision. Thank you for everything. Kish."


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"Last year when out for the day I felt something painful in my eye. After a couple of days the pain subsided. However over the following six months I that noticed my eyesight was deteriorating. I had a check up with my optician and they said I should investigate further. I found Mr Parmar on a hospital website and chose him for his expertise in my problem. He immediately identified the problem and arranged surgery for me. The procedure was quick and after four weeks I have now fully recovered. I would certainly call on him if I needed to again. Mr Parmar put me at ease as soon as I met him"

Mr A Rein

"I have worn glasses for 54 years & was told for over 20 years by optitions that I could not have Lasik surgery as I only have one eye. After seeing Mr Parmar, he said I was a good candidate for Lasik. This was carried out 1 week ago & I cannot believe what a transformation. Thank you Mr Parmar, you have changed my life."


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Qualified in 1993 in United Kingdom

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  • General Medical Council (GMC)

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